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Why are China’s mobile so cheap, know

China's mobile so cheap

Friends, we’ve heard China’s word of China many times in our life, today we are going to tell about China’s phone, many things about the smartphone in China are famous, people do not know about it, First of all, why is China’s phone so cheap?

However, many Chinese companies are active in today’s Indian market. If you see China’s smartphones are available in China in China, then cheap prices are available here, we are going to tell you the reason for this, so let’s know.

Online Sell

As you all know, Chinese companies mostly like to sell their smartphones online, but brands such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, open their stores in every city of every country. While small companies here make a huge amount of cuts in their expenses by selling the product online.

Low product quality

It is often seen that Chinese companies make their handset a low quality smartphone, due to this, they do not pay attention to the technological research, while some other big companies put a lot of money into research and result to know the result.

Chip labor

Do you know that China has the lowest human wage rate, so people work in low salaries on this, due to this, the cost of making the phone is greatly reduced so that many big companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu sells all over the world by making phone here.


By the way, you can tell that used smartphones are used in China’s smartphones and they are also very useful in technology, but its utility is of very less level than any other brand. After this, there is another reason that local hardware companies provide hardware at very low prices here.

This information is taken on the basis of makehindi dot com site.

So now you have come to understand why China’s smartphones are so cheap.

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