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What is NFC and how to know if the phone has NFC

What is NFC

Do you know what NFC is and how to know whether your phone has an NFC or not, how your phone supports NFC or not, to know all these things, you can read this news carefully once.

What is NFC:

The full name of NFC is Near Field Communication. It’s a wireless technology, it works like WiFi. Just like connecting Bluetooth, both devices have to be pairing. So many times he takes a lot of time and still does not connect, NFC is much more advanced than Bluetooth.

Tell that it works then. When your phone has an NSC and the NSC with which you want to connect with the NFC, it is very important.

How to know if your phone has NFC or not:

To know whether your phone supports NFC, you need to download an app called Do i Have NFC from the Google Play Store.

After downloading and installing this app, when you open this app. So it gives all the information about your phone and you will know whether your phone supports NFC.

For example, you have to connect the NFC with a device. You have to touch your phone with that device and your device will connect with it. However NFC does not get to see all the smartphones.

Now the question is, if we have an NFC in our phone then how do we know then let’s know. Whether or not your phone supports NFC, you have to follow some steps.
1. Go to your phone’s settings first.

2. After going to Settings click on More option.

3. After clicking on More option, you will get an option for wireless and network support.

4. After clicking on Wireless & Networks, if you see NFC option. So that means your phone supports NFC. And if the NFC option is not visible, then your phone does not support NFC.


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