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What is computer output device

Definition of Output Device – Output devices are hardware devices by which the results obtained from the computer are obtained, the output devices are also the main physical parts of the computer, like the input device can be touched Let us know the name of the output device

Monitor – Monitor is a TV-like device, it is called Visual Display Unit, Monitor is the only device that can not work on a computer without it
Printer – Printer is an Output Device that converts soft copy into hard copy, currently laser and inkjet printers are more popular
Plotter – Plotter is an output device that prints charts, graphs, drawings, diagrams, etc. on hard copy, to create a Plotter shape The pen is used by the pen to create a picture or shape on the paper. In this device the paper is mounted on a drum which gradually slips and the pen is printed.
Projector – Projector projected on the screen through the light of the visible visible in the computer.
Speaker – Through the speaker you can listen to any type of voice playing in the computer, it turns digital data into an analog signal so that you hear the sound
Headphone – This is a small form of speaker which is used to listen voice individually.

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