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Two ways to earn money from Google

Earn Money From Google

We use Google to get any kind of information that we can not get from elsewhere, we get information from Google, we will tell you two ways in which Google can earn you money.


We use YouTube to watch the video, but you know that the video we watch does not give any such reason, then who gives money to them, we will talk about this.

Google is a very large company and Google has a Google Adsense separate plate form and connecting YouTube with google adsense, it runs AIDS on YouTube’s videos and people will see that Aad if Google gives us money in return.


Blogging can earn you a lot of money, but blogging is also hard. If you succeed in blogging, then you can not think there is so much money in blogging, in this also you will have to link your blog with Google Adsense and Google will put AIDS on it and you will get the money.



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