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The rickshaw puller returned the owner to a bag full of jewelry.

Everybody is praising the honesty of 54-year-old Mantu Shah who runs the rickshaw in Howrah. Let me tell you that Mantu returned a bag full of gold and diamonds and cash worth 60 thousand rupees. When Liluah came home from a woman auto, she forgot a bag full of jewelry and rupees in Mantu’s auto itself. The cost of these jewelery was Rs 2.98 lakhs.
Rukmini, who came to meet her relatives in Howrah’s Bajrang Bali market, bought these ornaments from a nearby shop. Later he moved to his home in Liluah from Rikshaw of Mantu. After reaching home, Rukmini came to know that she also forgot her bag in auto. Then he immediately reached the Belur police station and lodged a report about the disappearance of his bag.
Till then, Mantu himself reached home at his Belur Simulatla Ghat house and saw that the bag was placed on the back seat of his auto. He went home and showed this bag to his wife Annu. Both of them reached the Belur police station to return this bag. After leaving from his police station, Belur OC Swapan Saha called Rukmini. Rukmini, a Dubai-based businessman, was delighted to hear the news of her bag being found. He was pleased with Mantu’s honesty and gave him 10,000 rupees in prize.
He thanked Mantu very much and asked Mantu for this help that he would be very happy if he could do something for him. Then Mantu said that if he had his auto rickshaw or e-rickshaw, he could comfortably tame his family. On the next morning, Rukmini had a Dubai return flight and before that she sent a check to Mantu to OC, so that she could buy a rickshaw for herself.
At the age when people become unscrupulous for money, a rickshaw driver like Mantu has set a precedent for her honesty. His honesty should be appreciated.

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