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The # Feature Brought To YouTube Users

The # Feature Brought To YouTube Users

The # Feature

YouTube has introduced a new feature to provide better access to its users. Now it would be even easier for users to search videos on YouTube. For this hashtag feature has been launched on YouTube. Now when users play YouTube on the phone or desktop, they will appear to have hashtags in the videos titles.

Feature of “#tag” comes in YouTube
The hashtag feature has been brought on YouTube to make video search easier. Also if you are posting a video then you will be able to use # in the video’s description, then users will be able to search your videos more easily. YouTube has provided this new feature while moving the trend of hashtag (#) on social media. YouTube says that connecting the hashtag will be even easier to search for videos on the platform.

If you upload any video to YouTube and also want to make search easier by putting a hashtag in it, then you have to put the hashtag in the title of the video. But if you do not want to have any hashtags in the title of the video, then insert three hashtags in the description. When you find these three hashtags, YouTube will start showing them automatically. This will allow users to easily view your video.

# Keep putting them in the tag
Although the video uploader has to follow some policies while using some YouTube hashtags. In which they have to avoid using hashtags to promote harassment and hate speech. They do not have to do something that confuses people.

The hashtag can also be linked directly to the title of the video. If you want more information on a particular topic on YouTube, then you have to do just one click on the hashtag of the video title that will take you directly to a new page. Where you can get information related to that video Let us know that YouTube was founded in the year 2005 and YouTube is the best of all the major video sites on the web today.


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