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Facebook Tricks of 2018

These Facebook Tricks of 2018 Are Very Important For You.

Facebook Tricks of 2018 There is a lot of attack on Facebook lately. Only a few days earlier it was reported that about 50 million Facebook user's data has been stolen and the company has accepted this fact. After this there was a lot of aggression in the users of Facebook.

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Instagram Stories Will Come Soon, These Changes Will Take Place After Taking A Screenshot

Instagram will soon bring two new features to its stories. According to media reports, Instagram will soon give its users the option to insert 'text-only' stories. That is, if you do not want to photograph your stories, just want to write text, these new features will be of great use

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Now Listen To All The Things Of Someone Else’s Phone Through Just 1 SMS

Many times in our phone, such settings are hidden, which can not be found even after years of buying a phone. So there are some apps that come from where we know the place where the next person is in the building. Yes, we can tell you that recently there

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