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Testing for the 13 digit mobile number

Testing For The 13 Digit Mobile Number

Testing for the 13 digit mobile number The telecom department has ordered the telecom companies to issue 13 digit numbers to the country, though it will be in the form of a trial for the time being. That's not the number 13 digit number for mobile and their mobile number will

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Find Out Which Company’s Plan is Better Than 199 Rupees!

Let us tell you that since everybody has stepped into the Indian telecom industry since then, every single company is on backfoot. The day someone came to prove himself continues to offer a plan. Today, we will tell you through this article that the plan of the company is better for

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Know These New Features Of Whatsapp

Hello friends, welcome to your channel Technology World, I will talk about this post in today's post about some new features on WhatsApp, friends, as we all know that WhatsApp is gradually upgrading new features in it If you are being cast then let's talk to friends. Growth of Photo Sharing

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