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Cheapest Phone With Notch

World’s Cheapest Phone With Notch

Cheapest Phone With Notch Ever since Apple has scrambled in all its companies, since then all companies have started screaming in their phones. But today we are going to tell you about the world's cheapest phone. The name of this phone is Elephone A4. The price of this phone is only

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This App Will Help You Remove Notch From Android Smartphone

Remove Notch From Android To remove this feature, you can get rid of this by downloading an app from the Google Play Store in your Android smartphone. After the Apple iPhone X, many Android smartphone makers have adopted Notch and will also be able to see this feature in upcoming smartphones. This

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The World's Smallest Mobile Phone

The World’s Smallest Mobile Phone, Just That’s The Price

The World's Smallest Mobile Phone Over the last few years, smartphone sales have grown tremendously throughout the world. If you talk about India, Geo and Shaomi have made everyone smart. Today there are many smartphones with great looks and great features in the market. In this way, a company called Janco

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