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An Easy Way To Reduce Meter Reading

Reduce Meter Reading

All service providers have direct instructions from the Electricity Regulatory Commission to the power companies that consumers should be given electricity bill only for 30 days. In spite of this, the contractors of the meter-reading contractor company are arguing. With this, electricity consumers have to pay more bills.

Even after complaints, officials of Eastern Region Power Distribution Company are not paying attention to this. At the same time, if consumers want their bills to come down, then call the reader to take the time to read and bill at home. Otherwise, go to the competent authority’s office and make a written complaint.

According to the rules, when the consumer’s meter readings are delayed, the bill should be modified and billed for thirty days. The remaining consumption should be added to the next bill. But, this is not happening.


The employees of the Electricity Department, especially the contract employees, are busy in collecting money as bribe to them by frightening the naive buyers in their rounds of income. All grievances of consumer harassment due to power workers are coming into the daily notice.

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