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Port your SIM in any company sitting at home

Port your SIM

Friends, if you are also troubled by your SIM network, or you are not able to find the facility in your SIM, then all the companies give you a separate facility which is called to make a SIM port, if you think that your If the company is not offering you good service then you can port your SIM card.

Now the question comes. In some way we changed our SIM to another company, so let us now tell you how to do the complete method, first of all you have to take care of some things, like getting your recharge in the SIM Your SIM should be three months old, and your SIM must be present.

So now we know the complete way, first you have to go to the message of your mobile and write in English capital letters PORT will have to write your mobile number and send this message to 1900, after this your SIM There will come a code. You can write this code and go to the company where you want to port SIM, give this code to your Aadhar card, and your SIM card is in 7 days Will come,

So now you have understood how your SIM can be converted into any company sitting at home,


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