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Now You Can Take Ration From Mobile App

Now You Can Take Ration From Mobile App

Now You Can Take Ration From Mobile App

The state government has prepared a mobile app for ration card users. It will provide all food related information to the consumers. If a consumer does not have a digital ration card, then by removing the card in his mobile app

You will be able to get cheaper ration from the depot.

Food supply minister Kisan Kapoor said in the press that what ration has come in the Ration Depot and what is not? Consumers sitting in the house will be able to get this information. There is also a feedback form in this app, if consumers feel that they are not given quality ration, they can fill the form and complain to the department.

Kapoor said that the number of ration should be given in the app according to the number and eligibility of the family members. Procedure for registration and licensing of merchants has been made online.

Action on 1496 people on the mess in food items

Food Minister Kisan Kapoor said that 34,721 inspections were carried out in the year 2017-18. There were 1496 cases where food items were not found according to the norms. 22,28,503 lakhs of food items were seized from them.

Consumers feeding poor dough – Food and Consumer Affairs Department has given samples of 2094 food items. It found 83 samples failing. Along with the action against the guilty in the failed flour sample, the fine has been reduced to Rs 2,06,000 lakhs, the allocation for 3 months of 3 mts has been canceled.

In every house of Himachal, LPG-Food Minister Kisan Kapoor said that now every household in Himachal will have LPG. The Food Supply Department will give all the housewives free stove and gas, which still burns wood.

Tender final of Transportation of sugar – The minister said that the transportation of sugar has been tendered. In the first week of April, sugar mills will start to arrive in the warehouse.

Consumers will get new pulses at the old rate – Ration card users will get pulses on the old rate only. Malka Prokilo – 30 rupees, Dal Chana – 45, Moong – 40 Udad – 35 rupees will be obtained accordingly. Similarly, mustard oil gets Rs 72 per liter and the refined Rs 62 per liter.

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