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Jio Phone 2 exchange offer: 501 but rather 1095 rupees

Jio Phone 2 exchange offer

Jio Phone 2 exchange offer

If you have a mind to take a call to live And you do not know what its terms and conditions are. So stay with us. Because today we will answer the questions you have in mind.

And tell you how much money you have to spend to buy this phone. Also, we are going to tell about the terms and conditions related to the data pack.

What is Jio Exchange Offer

Jio has launched its monsoon ruckus offer. Also known as Jio Phone Exchange Offer These phones have also been made available to retailers of the market in addition to live stores.

If you use a feature phone. So you have to deposit Rs 501 to get Jio Phone 2. However later you can recover this amount later.

However, the company has not issued any details about it. But to some people, if you want to take advantage of Jio’s exchange offer, it is mandatory to take the data and voice plan of Rs. 594. Whose duration is up to 6 months. That is, you have to spend a total of Rs 1095.

What is plan-594

Under this plan, you will be given 0.5 GB data and unlimited voice calls and 300 messages per day for 6 months. I.e. Rs 99 for the month, 594 for 6 months will be taken at one go.

How to exchange old phone in new phone call

If you have an old 2G / 3G / 4G phone. Which has been made within 3 years. You can switch it to live phone by going to your nearest retailer store. But keep this in mind. That whatever phone you are going to change. She is working properly



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