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Jio 2 GB data for free every day

Jio 2 GB data for free

Along with the market, Reliance Jio is constantly bringing new offers to the customers. Slowly, the company made its place in the Telecom Sector of India, then forced other operators to drop prices through cheap tariffs.

Jio has now taken out a new digital pack for its customers, under which Live will now offer 2 GB of data free to its customers.

During the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance, Jio announced a Monsoon Rebellion offer. Now Jio has started a new pack for customers called Digital Pack. Activating this pack will give the company additional 2GB of data daily. These new live offers will be an add-on in the existing data plan. To activate this, users will not have to pay any additional charges to the users. The important thing is that selective Jio Subscribers can take advantage of it only.

This pack can be activated through the MyJio app. This data is available only to prepaid customers of Reliance Jio and will be activated only when the user has already taken a recharge pack. At present, the company has not said that the data is being given to the users on this basis.

The thing about meditation is that these offers are only available to selected users by July 30. So if you go to my main app soon, do not hesitate to offer this offer.


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