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Get Rid Of Unwanted Morning Messages Coming To WhatsApp

Get rid of unwanted morning messages coming to WhatsApp

Unwanted Morning Messages Coming To WhatsApp

It is difficult to imagine life today without a whitsapp. In addition to maintaining contact with family and friends, this social media app is also of great work. It is also a good thing that the groups are also created in that group, and there is a lot of fun and share of information in that group. But if some of the most irritating in these groups is done then it is ‘good morning’ messages.

Every morning when you open your sleep, there are lots of morning messages available, that too with pictures. With no roses, no sun rises by sharing photos. Now, the memory of your mobile is filled with these daily daily messages, GIFs or videos but you can get rid of it.

With these methods you can get rid of the Morning Messaging:

– The easiest and most commonly used method is: Open the photo album, go to the Whatsapp image folder and then delete the images which are not needed.

– Another easy and most effective way is to change the WhatsApp settings. Open WhatsApp, press three dots in the top right, go to Settings, then select Data and Storage Usage. In Media Auto-Document Settings you need to uncheck all media options. It will not save much data but prevent unwanted media from being downloaded.

– Google’s Files Go App will access your phone’s storage with your permissions first. After giving permission, it will tell the total occupation of the phone and available storage. As you scroll down, the app will display cards for folder such as download files, Slack Media, WhatsApp and Media. It uses the Artificial Intelligence to find duplicate or unused files and provides storage information. Similarly, in the File Manager, you can select the entire folder to free the space.

– You can use the Siftr Magic Cleaner App, which is an intelligent app. It is mainly designed to delete junk photos from whatsapp, hike etc.

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