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Do you know who controls the internet?

In today’s time, one day we can not live without one internet even a second. Can you imagine that if you do not have internet then what will you do?

Specific things related to Internet

From day to day work to work, office and entertainment, internet is needed and perhaps this is why the internet has become very important in our lives. From child to old, connect with people on Facebook from the Internet. Now the internet has become a part of your life just like your family members and in this case you should know the specific things related to internet.

Today we are going to tell you some interesting things related to internet.

Internet was run by satellite

You probably will not know that in the early days of the Internet, it ran on the satellite and gradually it developed with optical fiber cables when technik developed. It is laid in the sea. Ships also move in the sea, causing damage to these cables.

In the year 2008, the cables were damaged in the sea in Egypt on January 13, when 70 percent internet was blocked in Egypt. Since then several teams have been formed to monitor optical fiber cable 24 hours in the sea. Intelligence agencies do not use the internet through these cables. 90 percent of the Internet cable runs, while 10 percent from the satellite. Satellite-based Internet intelligence agencies use

China’s biggest problem

You would think that people in India are just dying for the Internet but this is not the case. In this case, India’s neighboring country China is at the forefront. Here every family is addicted to the Internet. Here the teenagers are being sent to the remediation centers of the military style to get rid of their internet addiction.

High speed on Mt Everest

If you are passionate about hiking and you are thinking of going to Mount Everest, then tell you that high speed internet is available on its way. It is indeed a great pleasure for the people to go to Everest that there is internet access in such a remote and difficult way.

America does not have internet

You must be surprised to know that people do not have internet in the world’s most powerful countries. 15 percent of people in the US have no internet facility. This thing is not really digested so far that the internet has not been able to reach people in such a powerful and prosperous country. If it was in developing countries like India or Pakistan, then perhaps it still seems to matter.


HTML is sexual dysfunction

People working on computers know that HTML programming language is not there, but everyone considers it as such. Even though most people in the US are educated but they do not know the meaning and work of HTML. Most people here regard HTML as a sexual dysfunction. Very few people know here that this is a programming language and it is used to create web pages.

If the net is closed for one day then

If you stop the internet for an hour at home then how uncomfortable you are. It seems that the whole world is already tired. In today’s time, every work is done by the internet, and in such a situation, if the net is closed, then how many people will be hampered and how many thousands of crores of rupees will be lost.

Who does the internet manage

Google is the most popular on the Internet, but do you know who manages the Intuit?

Let us tell you that the name of the company named the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is given by the International Company. A domain is a system that stores the name and the IP address store associated with it in the Internet. Whenever you mention a domain, the Internet server transmits it into the corresponding IP address and sends the data to the correct computer.

Two groups of 7 to 7 people work to translate the domain into IV address. Four times a year, they meet in ‘Kareemani’. These 14 people first issue numerical IDs for websites and computers, and then transmit these IDs in the normal web address and search the same web address by typing in the browser.

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