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Know how the baby feels at birth?

How does a woman feel during childbirth? Just about a woman can tell her own experiences about pregnancy and childbirth, but have you ever thought how child would feel at birth?

Let’s know how it feels when a little life takes the first step in this world.

  • Does the child have any kind of pain at birth?
  • How does the baby breathe immediately after birth?
  • Adjusting to External Practice: Can a child hear or see soon after birth?
  • How do the children born through the C-section feel?
  • Does the child have any kind of pain at birth?

Some practitioners believe that at birth children suffer a little bit of pain, although there is no information about the amount of pain that is. For example, if a surgical procedure occurs immediately after birth, then the child may have some pain. Similarly, while passing through the berth canal, the child may have some pain.

However, the pain which the mother passes away is totally different from the pain of the child. Perhaps the pain to the child is very light. It will be similar to the feeling of compression.

How does the baby breathe immediately after birth?

Childbirth is the process by which both the mother and the child going to go undergo both. During labor, there is a mechanical and psychological change. According to a Boston clinical instructor, the fetus does not get oxygen from the air, so it has to get it from its mother. When the baby is having a mom in her mother’s womb, then she gets through oxygen placenta. However, after the delivery, the placenta stops transmitting oxygen. After the child’s birth, this work begins to lungs him. When the baby is in the womb, the lungs have fluid which keeps them mature. After the delivery the fluid dries and the lungs begin to grow, due to which the air starts filling. After birth the child’s lungs start to pump more blood. Due to pressure in the womb, the blood ignores the organs when it is born then pressure in the lungs decreases and the blood starts flowing normally.

Adjusting the external cure

The baby is adapted to the temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the womb, then how can you think that after birth the child will be able to adjust to room temperature of 70 degrees. Well, the responsible area for this is thyroid. When a baby is born, its thyroid level is high. It is also caused by increased exposure to thyroid and due to an increase in adrenaline levels.
When the level of thyroid increases, then a specific type of fat produces heat, which is called brown fat. This is the factor that helps the newborn to control the temperature of his body outside the womb.

Can a child hear or see soon after birth?

As there is no answer to this question yet whether the child feels pain at birth, there is no such thing as yet whether or not the child can see or hear after birth. According to some research, the child can hear some voices from his mother’s womb only. It is believed that the child can recognize the voice of his mother only from the womb, due to which the relationship between mother and child is stronger and complete. However, it is difficult to find out about the child’s viewing power. It is said that after the birth, after a few days, the child appears to be blurred for some days and does not focus properly. The child can recognize his mother’s face at least 8 to 15 inches (technically this distance is to mother’s breast from which she sucks milk to her baby). This is another reason that makes the relationship of mother and child more special.

How do children who are born through C-section feel?

Not only does mother feel differently in C-section delivery and general delivery, but the child also feels a little different. The obvious thing is that the baby’s head is slightly suppressed in normal delivery, whereas the baby born from the C-section is round and less pressed. During normal delivery, the child tries better on his side to come out of the berth canal. To start the spread of the uterus, the baby’s head is pressed into the berth canal. In such a way, when the child finds the right path for himself, the child reverses. Once the head comes out, all other things are very comfortable. In normal delivery many times the head of a child is crooked. Usually this is due to the birth process, although after some time the shape of the head is correct.
The child’s coccyge born by the C-section is faster than a normal delivery child. The reason is that contraction occurs during mother’s womb during delivery. The baby’s chest is compressed while passing through the berth canal during delivery. Both of them help to remove the fluid from the lungs. The child born through the C segment is transient (Dry lungs). As long as the whole fluid is not absorbed, the child takes a fast snake. This problem ends after 24 to 48 hours.
The birth of a child is a pleasant experience for parents, children and the whole family. According to a research, the child’s birth in a quiet environment makes the child calm. Besides, attachment of mother and child increases after birth, and their relationship becomes stronger.

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